Peaks and Valleys

After being on the road for a little over 3 weeks (and having a previous month long rv adventure) we feel somewhat qualified to talk honestly about what it’s like to travel across America with kids. Before becoming fired and free, D used to use an anology for what it’s like to be an entrepreneur – peaks and valleys. Meaning, when things are good, they are VERY good, but when they are bad, they are VERY bad. That’s sorta how it is on this trip.

As I type this post, we are in an amazing campsite in Teton National Forest with spectacular views of the Tetons. We had a wonderful hike today and generally the kids were good, so that equals an outstanding day.  HOWEVER, it is 9:30pm and Lil D is in his “pack and play” about 4 feet from my bed and he’s wailing as if someone just set fire to all the paci’s in the world. I mean, he’s angry as hell. E on the other hand is singing a song about the Moose of the Tetons that is no Grammy winner. So, instead of enjoying the nighttime view of some of the most majestic mountains in the country while enjoying a glass of wine, I’m writing this blog entry to fill you in on the audible pain I’m currently experiencing.

We are around each other a lot, like all the time. Space is the constant battle. We are living out of about 140 sq feet. That’s great when travelling up a dirt road and putting your entire house on a creek next to a mountain – but not great when you are trying to go the bathroom and your kids find it fascinating to stick their hands underneath the bathroom door (photo attached for evidence).  Overall, there’s not a ton of in-between. Things are either described as “this is the best thing we’ve ever done” or “what the $&?! are we doing!?”  With that said, isn’t that what life is about?  No pain, no gain?  No risk, no reward?  And every other life cliche you can summon?

As I conclude this post, Lil D is still screaming his face off, but if I try real hard, I can sorta pretend that the sound is just a train in the distance and when it passes I’ll get to enjoy the silence and stars of this remote locale. Then again, if it doesn’t subside, I might just jump in the truck and leave my crying children to the wolves.  Seriously, there are wolves here and that is a real option.

Do I laugh or “gently” smush a finger or two?…

When things are good (as long as the time stamp on this photo is before 8pm)…

When Mom and Dad are drinking wine and stress free…

4 thoughts on “Peaks and Valleys

  1. Financial Samurai

    How do you guys handle your 1 yo old waking up at night though? Does he sleep through? Our almost 10 month old will wake up 2-4 times a night still, and if we are in a 140sqft RV, he would wake all of us up.

    When do babies start sleeping better you think? Did you guys do any sleep training? My wife refuses.



    1. Fired and Free

      Honestly, putting up with my son screaming at night for the first couple of weeks was brutal and made we want to quit the trip. He did get used to things and we were eventually able to get him to bed quickly.

      My son is 18 months and is currently going through another sleep regression – waking up in the middle of the night. I’m kinda nervous about doing another trip with him this way, but hoping he gets over it!? Sadly, this period of parenthood for me seems to be a little bit of brut force and just get through it as it relates to sleep.

      We did sleep training which consisted of my wife and I closing the door to my kids rooms at around 4 – 6 months and pretending we didn’t hear the screams. Not easy at all!

      Best of luck Sam with your war of attrition! It does get better…eventually…sorta 🙂


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