Shrooming in Wisconsin

Recently, we’ve been introduced to the art of foraging by our good friends M and A back home (thanks guys!). Hiking is fun but kids tend to make the experience a little less “speedy”. That’s when looking for edible mushrooms can make things a little more exciting as your young ones collect stick and rock “treasures” at a snail’s pace. Well, the hunting paid off when we were driven to the right land, pointed in the right direction, in the right state and at the right time by A and O in Milwaukee (i.e. – we didn’t do a heck of a lot). Regardless, a trip goal was accomplished when J found 3 beautiful morels!

When you find morels, here’s J’s secret serving tips – sauté with lemon olive oil, sea salt and butter.  So good and totally worth the risk of picking a fungi that could cause central nervous system failure (jk mom).

A quick comment about friends old and new. Without friends, life sucks. A (an old college friend of J’s) and her husband O came through bigly for us when they let us crash at their place outside of Milwaukee for a couple days while we worked on the water tank issue (spoiler – it’s still busted). It was so good to see them and it was amazing after a 1.5 second introduction how our kids quickly became bffs.

Driving out of Milwaukee we stopped by Madison for lunch.  Cool city and looks like a fun place to go to college, in the spring.


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