There’s a reason no one lives in South Dakota

Usually, I don’t like to offend people and bust on the state that they’re from. However, no one is from South Dakota so I’m pretty sure that I’m not offending anyone reading this blog.

The reason no one lives in South Dakota is because it is nearly impossible to get to.  The drive from Madison, Wisconsin to the South Dakota state line takes forever!  Can you imagine how tired Lewis and Clark must have been without a Ford F-150 and a travel trailer?  On top of the distance, there is nothing that interesting until you get to the SD state line all throughout southern MN (sorry if you’re from southern MN, but judging from the five houses we saw, there aren’t many of you from here).  The good news is, once you get to the SD state line, Palisades State Park is waiting for you.  We went on a really nice hike with topography unlike anything we had seen in the 10 hours of driving from Wisconsin.  Camping at Palisades was ideal as well – we even got to take a shower!


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