Glacier Greatness

This post doesn’t have any stories about run-ins with biker gangs, boating trauma or grizzlies. This is dedicated to the beauty of Glacier National Park. In our opinion, if you only have time to visit one NPS site, it’s Glacier. Go to Yellowstone for the geysers and wildlife, go to Glacier for the best hiking and scenery around – without the crowds.  We thought it was great and we were only able to see half of the park as the other half was closed to us due to snow plowing. I’m already daydreaming about a return trip to see Logan Pass and everything that we missed.

Camping at Fish Creek was a breeze and loop B had some sweet and shady spots for Tin E. We were parked close enough to the creek where we could hear the glacier water rushing all day.

One benefit of the National Parks is the Park Rangers. At all of the parks we have visited, the Rangers have been so helpful, knowledgeable and provide outstanding guest service. Maybe it’s because they don’t want Park funding to be cut or maybe they genuinely love their jobs. Glacier was no exception and we got some really good direction from a friendly Park Ranger about some kid friendly hikes. The hikes/walks we did were John’s Lake, Trail of the Ceaders, Rocky Point and a walk on the closed portion of Going to the Sun Road after Avalanche.  Do all of these!  Even with kids strapped to our backs, it was the best hiking we’ve done since New Zealand.

Overall, our three nights at Glacier were some of the best we’ve spent on this trip. A park ranger told us, “it’s not the easiest park to get to, but it’s a very special place.”  We’d agree with both of those statements.
I’ll shut up now and let the photos do what words really can’t.

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