Young Spuds

Leaving Glacier was tough, but we were excited to visit a state none of us had ever been to – Idaho!

Idaho looks like an upside down hatchet and we are in the little skinny handle part in the north. Interesting fact about this section is it’s in the Pacific time zone, whereas the rest of the state is in the Mountain time zone. That has to make things difficult when you are setting up a date with your friends in the south!?

The town we’re in is Coeur d’Alene and it feels very Pacific Northwesty. I guess that’s why they went with the Pacific time zone? It’s set right on the lake and it is beautiful. Stunning really. We spent the day playing at the numerous parks and beaches and generally just staring out at the water.

It’s kinda interesting going to a “beach” in Northern Idaho, but there were plenty of “kids” (people in their early twenties) having a good time. We couldn’t quite figure it out, but there were a lot of really, really young parents out and about in CDA. Were they babysitters, siblings, or are D&J just really, really old parents?  Since we’re being all judgy, I’m guessing that they are telling their friends right now, “man, I saw a dude and his wife with their two young kids today and they were old!  I mean, probably as old as my grandparents.”  If I could respond, I would kindly let them know that I feel like an old man when I see a dude who looks like Justin Bieber playing dad to some 5 year old.  If you like Justin Bieber, get to CDA, because a lot of guys here look like him, but be warned, they probably have kids.

One thing that is really neat about having an Airstream is that you kinda feel like you’re part of a club (one we didn’t know existed before the trip). Numerous Airstream owners have approached us on the trip and/or flashed their lights at us while passing on the road. We’ve met some interesting people this way and met a new friend last night while parking, Aric. Aric is a CDA local who was super friendly and gave us some pointers as to what to do around town.

Outside of “Airstream people” our fellow campers at the parks have been a great group. Young, old, families, and solo travelers – everyone has been kind, willing to help, and have positively added to our adventure in many different ways.  One guy who didn’t add to our adventure positively (but, who has given a story for me to tell you), was the dude who was camping next to us at the Walmart last night. This morning, I went out to our truck to get something and what I got was a view of this guy peeing next to his RV!?  Here I am trying to be a nice Walmart neighbor and looking up to say good morning and I have this guy relieving himself about 20 yards from me. Here’s what I don’t get – he has his RV that was so big it probably has more bathrooms than my house and a Walmart restroom steps away, but he chooses the parking lot. Needless to say, I quickly averted my eyes and ran inside to share this potty story with someone who would appreciate it…my 3 year old.

We’re camping at a Cabela’s tonight. So far it beats Walmart because the views are fantastic and I haven’t witnessed anyone peeing in the parking lot.

Our view at the Cabelas…

This is how E meets people – as they walk by, she yells “hi.”  It’s actually kinda creepy because the unsuspecting neighbors never know where the voice is coming from.

E made this drainage area her personal lazy river. Don’t worry, if she got giardia, she got it from drinking the splash park water first.

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