Home for now

For those of you who have been worried we fell into a geyser or into a den of Grizzlies, fear not – we’ve actually been back in MD.  When you (forcefully) have to sell a business, you unfortunately need to spend a lot of time with your attorneys.  Thus, we have been back East for the past week plus, hopefully putting the finishing touches on the separation from our previous career.

You would think that being back in my parent’s basement (thanks Mom and Dad!) would be a let down after exploring some of the wildest places in the country, but the trip home has been really nice (apart from the legal stuff).  We’ve been enjoying the finer things of life like taking showers without spiders, or brushing teeth under a running faucet, or using the dish robot otherwise known as a dishwasher.  Oh yeah, living with two children in a home over 140 square feet is pretty cool too.

While we’ve been running around the DC suburbs, Tin E has been back West in Spokane (pronounced Spo-can) getting her water tank fixed at the Airstream dealer there.  If the Spokane guys can’t fix our water, we don’t know we’re gonna do as this is the 4th RV dealership we’ve brought her to (yes, according to E, Tin E’s a she).  We’re looking forward to kicking the water bottles to the curb and living the luxurious running water lifestyle.

Regular blogging will commence shortly as we fly out to Houston to see family for the 4th of July holiday and then back for a reunion with Tin E on the 5th.  Part II of our wild adventure will take us to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, California, Arizona, New Mexico and then back East for another 4 months or so.  With that said, if the water tank isn’t fixed, you might see us in a DC suburb near you – sooner rather than later.  Enjoy the summer everyone!

7 thoughts on “Home for now

  1. Christine

    Hey! So do you have final dates for when you’ll be in Vancouver? I want to make room in our calendar for when you guys arrive. We just bought a new Escape fibreglass trailer today! Very excited to upgrade to a trailer with a bathroom.


    1. Fired and Free

      Hey Christine – great to hear from you and so sorry for the late reply! We are hoping to get to Vancouver on or around July 8th and stay for about 3-4 days. We would love to meetup for a meal and catch-up. The problem is, we don’t know if our water tank will be fixed yet in Spokane!? Congrats on the new Escape and hope to see you guys soon.


      1. Fired and Free

        Bad news. Unfortunately, our water tank won’t be ready until next week and we have to remove Vancouver from the itinerary. We’ve headed up to Banff for a couple days and then back to Spokane. I’m so sorry we won’t be able to catch up – maybe next summer!?


  2. Christine

    Ai, bummer! I just told my E that your E was going to visit. He was excited. I’ll tell him the visit is postponed. Do you have facebook? Keep in touch through there? Email me for FB email.


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